‘ Good Morning

`Good Morning

Just woke up about a minute and half ago with the last phase of a sweet dream I carried into the day with me

I was dreaming I was in an office somewhere
and I was talking with someone about a basketball tournament I was in, like over the weekend in Las Vegas

Me and Harold Kelley,and who else I don’t remember,had just come back from Vegas where we had won a three man team tournament and I was telling somebody in this office about it

Anyway, I had the team trophy we had won and I was just killing time sitting in this nice comfortable chair that had these big, puffy, padded arms on it

As I sat, I had one leg draped over one of the arms, and I was leaning back

I was just lounging in it as I was holding the dangling trophy over the side
while telling whoever it was about what happened in Vegas

Just kind of hangin’ out, you know, not exactly bragging or anything
Just kind of lounging and talking

All of a sudden you came in the room and you were kind of busy with something

You had a couple of like business papers of the day in your hand
and you were thinking about something you had to do with the papers when you noticed me, not shocked or anything, and you gave me one of your sweet smiles

You were wearing that long sleeved light green sweater I like, with a necklace that went well with your glasses and your outfit and you were looking pretty, and busy, deep in the work thought, but looking my way

You came over said hello and I said hello back
and you sat on the other big arm of the chair and smiled and looked for a moment like you kind of forgot what was on your work mind

Then you took your arm that was work free and slid it around my shoulder
and you leaned over and kissed me and asked how I was doing

I smiled and said something like “Nothing much, how are you?” and we kissed lightly a few more times, closely, though in a non sexual way, and you didn’t tell me about your work or what you were looking for to do with those papers
And I didn’t tell you about my trophy

I didn’t even know or remember whose office it was or anything else and we just went on a bit with small talk and some nice little kisses (no tongue or anything)
Just a little kissy visit in the early of the day

I liked how you looked and I liked the basic feel of that light creamy green sweater
Then with our faces very close, in a sweet kind of loveyEllieGoodMorningdovey, friendly way…in each other’s eyes, and you said “Well I better get back to work”. And I said something like ,”Yeah and I better wake up now and get to whatever I have to do today”, and after one or two more little pecks with our lips, you got up and got back to whatever you were doing.

I yawned and was thinking something like, “Hmmmn, let’s see, what should I do first, shave, shower, or brush my teeth today? ( I don’t always do them in the same progression every single day.)

And I thought, Well, that was a nice way to start the day, with a visit with an old friend whose birthday is just around the corner and by the way, I also thought, “Gee Chris, remember to send her a birthday card this year.”, and as I reached for my tooth brush and smiled in the mirror, “Yeah,nice way to start the day, CT!”