Still a LAW and ORDER fan right here!


Law & Order, the award winning television show from the mind of writer/producer, Dick Wolf, to me, is still one of the best shows on television. Some of the shows might be a little outdated, but it’s amazing how many of them still fit well with what is happening nowadays. These original shows for the series were at the top the ratings game, for twenty years (1990 to 2010), and they are still doing great every day on various cable television networks, as people still enjoy the great writing, acting, and plot lines that work so much in today’s world. Even though the show has been off NBC’s prime-time air four years now. Most of the reruns still cover they way things really are in 2014 America as well..

I love the realness of this show. The characters are so believable, and the stories still ring true, and it’s refreshing to see the premise unwind  The police, detectives, researchers, and the district attorneys all work to get to the heart of what happened (usually a murder), and they work hard in trying to get the facts of the case, and try to put together how each case unfolds.  When the police work the case to find the facts, who might have been involved, and what the ramifications or connections were, they prepare to turn the case over to the district attorney’s office. Then we see how the DA’s put the case together from there. After that we go on into the courtroom and see what happens.


The best part of it is, it’s believable, every day stuff. No, they don’t always win, but it is a great look into how our system looks, really looks, the good of it and sometimes the bad.   I just don’t think it’s wise to have everything turn out just ducky and the prosecutor rides out of town on a beautiful white horse firing silver bullets into air.

You really have to credit Dick Wolf and his staff for choosing to make the show as much like true-life stories as possible. The good guys, the bad guys, the everyday you and me guys, are credible in this show. The issues they cover are often times true to the then current issues of the day, and it works in this day and age too. It’s also has good people trying to get by and doing the right things for themselves and their families, dedicated teachers, bankers, cooks, cops, nurses, lawyers, clergy, business people, ballplayers, you name it. They also have the racists, dope dealers (on all levels), unscrupulous politicians, business people, street punks, and dishonest people as well, who lie, cheat, and yes, even kill.   Sometimes it might be some cops or even a judge here and there who was doing the crimes. It’s just a terrific idea to show that looks at everyday life, the one we all live in, can be entertaining and interesting and can also be fun to watch, instead of so completely predictable. Life, that shows mostly the good in people, as well as those who should be locked out of out of it for one reason or another.

Bravo!, and thanks to Dick Wolf, and all the producers, writers, actors, and team players who worked on the show for the twenty years it was on the air. Again, even though it’s still in reruns, it’s amazing how many times it airs a week. I, for one, would love to see them, Dick Wolf, and company, put together a movie using the same formula, and even use some of the actors from the show. I think it would be a blockbuster of a movie and that it would be so well received by their older fans as well as their millions of new ones. How bout it, Dick?