Just a Tad Late Today

OK, OK, so I got to work a little late today. Just by a tad so what’s the problem? I rushed as fast as I cold, you know, I only read like half of the sports pages, hurried through the banana I ate on the run, and OK, I stopped on the way out to my car, as a lady came down Flora Avenue along with three dogs she was taking for a morning walk.

Very nice lady and as we exchanged morning pleasantries of hello (I had never met her before, but I think I remember the sweet older gal walking these dogs in the past) somewhere in the neighborhood. Anyway as I was just about opening the door of my trusty Toyota Sienna van (vintage 2001 – great vehicle by the way – still runs great every day) and I asked this expert three-dog walker what kind of dogs these little guys were. First off, I learned there were two she’s and one he, and the two grey/white/dark grey ones are Shitizus, while the older, and slightly bigger one is of the Maltese persuasion. The Shitizus are sisters, and the Maltese is the guy. One of the two slightly smaller ones is the boss, and the two others kind of accept that and all three were cordial and even friendly while not jumping up and yapping around like other Maltese’s and Shiatsus I’ve seen.
So after a nice little visit with the nice lady and her buddies, the five of us continued on our way, though one of us was a little late, now a little later.
In my trusty Sienna, now rolling along on the ten minute drive, I put my seat belt on and rolled down the banana peel flaps, and drove on. About half way through the drive, I was thinking about all the things I have to do today i.e. write a script for a video I’m working on; listing in my head the order of calls I have to make to even get the work day started, write my blog, and figuring that it’s going to be a very busy day.
Abour half=way through my ride, on the radio comes an oldie but goody my way. Johnny Rivers singing “Rocking Pneumonia, and the Boogie Woogie Flu”. Oh yeah baby, next thing I know I got that great song cranked up loud as my Sienna would let me, and I just felt great enjoying that classic basic rock and roll tune. I was boppin’ along and lovin’ it, and I even remembered when I met Johnny one time at a club called “JD’s” down in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area in Arizona. Good guy then, and I would wind up interviewing him years later in Bakersfield of all places for a show I was doing in California, and he was a good guy then too.
Anyway, this was a great song and by the time I rolled up to work, I was in a good mood all right. Then as I sat down at my place at Cocola Broadcasting, I was looking through my desk drawers for something else when I came across a half roll of some Necco wafers that I forgot I had in there. Alrighty then! I love those Necco wafers. Man, this IS going to be a great day. I’ve been on a roll since I left the house, even if I was just a tad late.

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