Song for Brooke

Fresno City College Men's Basketball team . California State Champions 2010

Fresno City College Men’s Basketball team . California State Champions 2010

George Temple and I have been great friends for many years.  We have worked together on various projects going back to when Truman was President, I think.  George and I put together a zillion videos, jingles, TV shows, and special media events, and we always had this kind of eye to eye ideas on how things might look on the small screens.  He has also been a producer/director in the movie business as well.  He was also the producer of the original “On Tonight Show” on a small station in Fresno, California, just before it went balistic to the far corners of the earth including all the way to Clovis.  Kind of a low budget deal where we used tiny cameras when we started, up to big budget deals using huge tiny cameras.

George went on to great successes in Video and in business in general and is truly a well respected name coast to coast for his work. Did I say coast to coast? Well it’s more like world wide. (Seriously)

Anyway we were talking one day recently and George suggested I put a couple of songs on You Tube just for fun.  I was happy to do so as I wanted to put a song I wrote for my 7th grandchild, a beautiful young lass by the name of Brooke Avery Wondoloski.  Her mom and dad, my daughter Corina, also a beautiful young lass, and her husband, Jeff, got together on another addition to their terrific thing going on with the two of them, with the birth of the lovely Brooke.  So the song is about that awesome first day of Brooke’s grand entrance into this world.  And a grand day it was, with a group  greeting party, of parents, grandparents, families, and friends.  Wonderful love going on  in Ventura by the Sea.

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